The faculty of University Heights Academy is noted for its focus on student achievement.  From kindergarten to high school, all teachers know and value the role of writing to demonstrate knowledge and understanding.  Beginning in the fall of the 2014-15 school year, Eileen White came on board our staff as professional development consultant in writing.  Mrs. White has taught at UHA previously and is known to many of you. She spent 29 years as a middle and high school language arts and social studies teacher, worked as a Program Consultant for the Kentucky Department of Education, and ended her public school career as the District Curriculum Coordinator (K-12) in the Hopkins County Schools. Her return to UHA this past fall was an exciting opportunity for her.

Throughout the year Mrs. White has worked with teachers and staff to evaluate the current writing program, K-12, at our school.  Teachers have participated in professional development sessions, book studies, and curriculum review with Mrs. White’s guidance.  Mrs. White and teachers have focused their work around the results of the ISACS report that was delivered following our school review visit.

Writing our way to success pic







Over the summer, Upper School teachers will spend time realigning and revising writing curriculum in the various content areas.  Our hope is that all content areas in Upper School will be able to incorporate more writing.  It is our goal to see students be more successful in all types of writing – from classroom essays and compositions to contests and competitions that require high-level writing skills.

Next school year these efforts will continue and Lower School grades will begin to focus on a progression of writing skills that will ultimately lead to writing instruction that is comprehensive and utilizes sequential skills. We are excited about this opportunity and intend to….write our way to success.