The University Heights Academy has had great success this year.  In January, the Varsity academic team won the district title and the following advanced to regional competition:

-Vir Patel, 1st place Science and 1st place Math

-Vivek Shah, 3rd place Math, 5th place Science

-Sangeet Sheth, 1st place Arts and Humanities, 1st place Language Arts

-Kloe Freeman, 2nd place Arts and Humanities, 3rd place Language Arts

-Jonathan Kinnard, 4th place Arts and Humanities

-Erin Calvert, 2nd place Social Studies

-Sherafghan Khan, 4th place Social Studies

-Jordan Kelly, 5th place Language Arts

-Gretchen Powell, 1st place English Composition

-Emily Paper, 2nd place English Composition

The Varsity Quick Recall team finished first overall.  Participants were:

Trey Lachance, Vivek Shah, Kloe Freeman, Emily Pape, Vir Patel, Sangeet Sheth, and Christopher Pape.

 In February, the Varsity academic team placed fourth overall in the regional competition.  The following students advanced to the state level competition to be held in Louisville in March:

 -Gretchen Powell, 1st place English Composition

-Emily Pape, 2nd place English Composition

-Vir Patel, 3rd place Math

-Sangeet Sheth, 3rd place Arts and Humanities

 Congratulations to this year’s academic team members on all their success! 

 US Academic Team 2014


Front Row, Left to Right:  Kloe Freeman, Vivek Shah, Trey Lachance, Christopher Pape, Sofia Khan, Johanna Naimoli

Back Row, Left to Right:  Jonathan Kinnard, Sherafghan Khan, Jordan Kelly, Emily Pape, Sangeet Sheth

Not Pictured:  Gretchen Powell, Vir Patel, and Erin Calvert