Our scholarship winners were:  Math—Hemangi Patel; Science—Tyler Pratt; Journalism—Lindsey Curtis.  Each received a $2000.00 scholarship.  Brynn Greene received honorable mention for Arts and was awarded a $250.00 scholarship.  Also nominated were Foreign Language—Alli Cundiff; English—Emma Sunderhaus; Social Studies—Cheydan Crump.

For the second year in a row, a UHA student was named MVP of all the winners.  That honor went to UHA’s science nominee Tyler Pratt who received an additional $2000.00!

KNE All-Star nominees 2017

UHA All-Star Nominees:  Pictured left to right—Lindsey Curtis, Hemangi Patel, Brynn Greene, Emma Perry, Tyler Pratt, Haiden Hauret, Piper Hancock, Emma Sunderhaus, Alli Cundiff, Cheydan Crump

KNE All-Star winners 2017

UHA All-star Winners:  Pictured left to right—Brynn Greene, Lindsey Curtis, Hemangi Patel, Tyler Pratt


Middle school students from each school were also recognized in four disciplines. Those nominated from UHA were: Piper Hancock—Social Studies; Haiden Hauret—English; Lauren Sisk—Math; Emma Perry—Science.  

It was an exciting night for UHA!