University Heights Academy’s middle school academic team participated in the district Governor’s Cup Academic Competition on Saturday, January 20 at Muhlenburg South Middle School.  They won first place overall.

ms ac team

Bottom row, left to right:  Seth Doer, Olivia Smiley, Sam Cotthoff, Mia
Litchfield, Ethan Alexander; top row:  Hayden Thornton, Lauren Sisk,
Julian Brown, Matthew Helphenstine, Evan Golladay


Individual results:

Quick Recall:   

1st place   



2nd—Julian Brown



1st—Lauren Sisk

2nd—Matthew Helphenstine

4th—Seth Doer


Social Studies:       

1st—Ethan Alexander

3rd—Mia Litchfield

5th—Olivia Smiley


Language Arts:

1st—Hayden Thornton

2nd—Lauren Sisk

4th—Sam Cotthoff


Arts & Humanities: 

1st—Sam Cotthoff

2nd—Olivia Smiley



1st—Lauren Sisk

4th—Olivia Smiley

5th—Hayden Thornton


UHA was also the winner of the Hume Sportsmanship Award.
The middle school academic team is sponsored by Mona Sheth and Sara Helphenstine!