UHA Wins 2nd Place in JV Academic Challenge

On Saturday, November 12, the UHA Junior Varsity Academic Team competed in the annual JV Challenge at Madisonville North Hopkins High School.

Participating in both written assessment and quick recall were:  Front row, left to right—Lauren Shaner, Tori Pratt, Kevli Sheth, Gabriella Lynn, Roma Desai; Top row—Michael Hodges, Kendall Doer, Jackson, Cotthoff, Jakob Moore, Noah Helphenstine


Placing in events were:  Quick Recall, 2nd place; Roma Desai, 1st place in Social Studies; Noah Helphenstine, 2nd place social studies; Jackson Cotthoff, 5th place science; Noah Helphenstine, 6th place science; Kevli Sheth, 3rd place language arts; Kendall Doer, 6th place language arts; Gabriella Lynn, 4th place composition

The UHA JV team finished 2nd overall (out of 8 schools competing).