Sophi Park’s mission patch design was one of twelve selected for the 2017 Challenger Learning Center calendar and was featured on the cover of the calendar. Each spring after studying about the Earth, sun, and moon, Ms. Atwood’s 6th grade Earth science class takes off on a mission to the moon!  Each student applies for a position such as communications, life support, navigation, and medical.  Students spend one week training for their position before the launch and design a patch to represent the mission.  Once trained, they travel to the Challenger Learning Center in Paducah where they work in simulators representing mission control and a space vehicle heading toward the moon. 


Every school who visits the Challenger Learning Center during the year chooses a student’s best mission patch and submits it to the director.  The top twelve are then chosen to be featured on the CLC’s calendar.  Sophi’s design was one of the twelve selected for the 2018 calendar, as well as the calendar cover.