On Saturday, November 12, the University Heights Academy junior varsity academic team competed in the annual KAAC JV Challenge Competition.  UHA received first place overall out of six competing teams, finishing with a total of 62 points.  Ten UHA students competed in various written assessment exams and quick recall.  Students participating were:  Drew Burman, Fenil Chavda, Kloe Freeman, Kassy Harris, Trey Lachance, Bailey Morales, Johanna Naimoli, Emily Pape, Vir Patel, Gretchen Powell


Results were as follows:


            UHA Quick Recall team, 2nd place


            Drew Burman, 5th place Language Arts


            Fenil Chavda, 1st place Science, 2nd place Math


            Kloe Freeman, 2nd place Arts and Humanities


            Kassy Harris, 5th place Arts and Humanities


            Trey Lachance, 1st place Math


            Johanna Naimoli, 6th place Social Studies


            Vir Patel, 2nd place Social Studies, 5th place Math


            Gretchen Powell, 1st place English Composition, 3rd place Arts and Humanities