F.O.R. club news for newsletter:

A group of 55 students and adults headed out after school  for a Random Acts of Kindness Scavenger Hunt.  With 8 different groups, they were successful in surprising people with a little unexpected love and kindness in most of the Hopkinsville area. Some examples of acts included:  passing out candy canes, gift cards, flowers, candies, and baked goods to random people or workers at area businesses and public service workers such as firemen, policemen, postal workers, etc.  They also taped coins to machines at laundry mats and left  coins with a Merry Christmas message on vending machines, candy machines, and car washes.  Some paid for people’s orders in fast food drive- thrus and carried out groceries for customers.  Gloves, hats and mittens were given out at assisted living facilities and nursing homes.   The students sang Christmas carols and one group sang and told about the event on WHOP.  Everyone had a great time, and hopefully we added a little brightness to other people’s day!