Notes about traffic for 2017-2018:


The construction has caused several changes to our traffic flow while the work proceeds.


  1. No normal through traffic or parking behind the building.
  2. ALL drop-off and pick-up will be in front or on the north side. Front doors (main entrance and lower school) will be open both morning and afternoon.
  3. Students may be dropped off at the north doors (concession stand hallway).
  4. Traffic from those doors will go down the hill and turn right into the one-lane road nearest the track. This road will be EXIT only at all times.
  5. To park in the north lot (student parking), come up the circle drive, turn right down the hill and turn left into the student parking lot.
  6. The new front parking lot is for staff and visitors.
  7. The upper (old) front parking is for administration, pre-k drop-off/pick-up and quick (15 minutes or less) front office visitors.


Please see the diagram below and follow the painted arrows and signs.  As always, be very cautious on the driveways and in the parking lots as we adjust and revise our plans during this construction year!