Leland Sowards has recently been notified that he has been selected into the 2012 Kentucky Governor’s Scholar Program. Leland is a junior at UHA and the son of Wes and Janet Sowards. To participate in the Program, Leland had to be nominated by his school to compete at the state level. Selection for the program is highly competitive, with an application process similar to that of prestigious colleges and universities. In addition to an academic profile that includes difficulty of course load, GPA, and at least one standardized test score, the application requires an outline of all extracurricular activities, a history of volunteer service, and a list of job positions held. Teacher recommendations include both quantitative evaluation and qualitative descriptions of the student’s performance and potential. The final component of the application is an original essay. Leland will participate in the Program this summer. All of us at UHA want to congratulate him on this very prestigious honor.