Last week, the UHA varsity academic team competed in the 7th District Governor’s Cup competition, hosted by UHA.  Placing in written assessments were:

Math:  4th place, Sherafghan Khan; 5th place, Blake Edmonson

Science:  1st place, Sherafghan Khan; 3rd place, Blake Edmonson; 4th place, Sangeet Sheth

Language Arts:  2nd place, Sangeet Sheth; 5th place, Bailey Morales

Arts/Humanities:  2nd place, Christian Barefield; 4th place, Garrett Gee

Composition:  4th place, Winter Nicholson; 5th place, Hannah Shemwell

Others participating in written assessment were:  Christopher Pape, Jordan Kelly, Erin Calvert, and Jonathan Kinnard

In addition, UHA took home additional awards:

Quick Recall:  2nd place, Sangeet Sheth, Blake Edmonson, Christopher Pape, Christian Barefield, Sherafghan Khan, Garrett Gee, and Jonathan Kinnard

Overall District:  2nd place