On Thursday, September 1, 2016, 32 seventh and eighth grade students were inducted into UHA’s Jr. Beta Club.  Membership requires a 3.2 GPA at the end of the 6th or 7th grade year.


Bottom row, left to right:  Mason Price, Will Hancock, Riley Staton, Evelyn Morales, Sophia Maddux, Kate Cansler, Lauren Sisk; second row:  Eston Glover, Charlie Rutland, Connor Dill, Skylar Newton, Isha Patel, Sydney Newton, Riley Harper; 3rd row:  Emma Perry, Haiden Hauret, Sam Cotthoff, Sarah Davis, Macy Mohon, Karrigan Rogers; fourth row:  Riley Simmons, Julian Brown, Ayden Davis, Matthew Helphenstine, Wade Mamoth; top row:  Caleb Johnson, John Michael Bronson, Piper Hancock, Ethan Alexander, Chase Hendricks, Evan Golladay;  Not pictured:  Brianne Lacefield