The Duke University Talent Identification Program has released the 2017 7th grade Talent Search results for 2017.  The following students from University Heights Academy have received special recognition based on their ACT scores taken as 7th graders:

Ethan Alexander, Brianne Lacefield and Sophia Maddux have qualified for STATE RECOGNITION.  Brianne also qualified for Academy for Summer Studies, while Ethan and Sophia qualified for Center for Summer Studies.  Also qualifying for Academy for Summer Studies are Evan Golladay and Emma Perry.  


Emma Perry, Ethan Alexander, Brianne Lacefield, Evan Golladay, Sophia Maddux


As State Qualifiers, Ethan Alexander, Brianne Lacefield and Sophia Maddux will be invited to attend a state recognition ceremony.  Students qualify for the state ceremonies by earning scores that are approximately equal to the 50th national percentile rank for college-bound seniors taking the test.

Summer Studies is a three-week residential program for high-achieving young scholars in grades seven through ten.  Taking place at thirteen college campuses across the country over two different summer sessions, the programs provide social and intellectual stimuli for gifted students.