Congratulations to University Heights Academy’s Kentucky United Nations Assembly (KUNA) team.  KUNA is a 3-day experiential learning conference in which students participate directly in simulated international diplomacy while engaging with a wide variety of perspectives and global issues.  A group of eight students attended the KUNA Conference in Louisville March 8-10 and earned numerous awards.


The awards are the following:

Outstanding Delegate : Chandler Unfried

Delegation of Excellence: Leandra Meredith, Cailey Burman, Virginia Cincotti, Chandler Unfried, Elenora Cincotti, Sam Wilkins, Jonathan Kinnard, and Sherafghan Khan

Resolution passed by Secretary General: Sam Wilkins, Chandler Unfried, and Elenora Cincotti

International Court of Justice Case winner : Jonathan Kinnard

Elected Judge on the International Court of Justice : Jonathan Kinnard