Art Cart Newsletter

Upper School Art 

Studio Art features a comprehensive study and practice of art. First semester begins with learning and applying the elements and principles of design. Students use a variety of mediums to understand the use of line, color, shape, form, value, texture, etc. In the second semester, the focus is placed on evaluation of art and study of art history. Art is created throughout the class to illustrate techniques and periods of art.

Studio Art was hard at work painting two large panels for the total solar eclipse in August, 2017.


Lower School Art

In lower school art, students are given the opportunity to work in a variety of art mediums including drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, and mixed media. Students are encouraged to participate in art contests as well as other art-related opportunities offered in the Hopkinsville community. Emphasis is placed on learning the elements of art and principles of design while also gaining an understanding of other cultures and artists from the past and present. The art room is a place where children can freely express themselves through the visual arts.