University Heights Middle School KYA–a Delegation of Excellence


Nineteen of University Heights Academy’s middle school students attended their first KYA in several years November 6-8th in Frankfort, Kentucky.  The students worked several weeks to create two bill proposals for the conference and learn how to be a delegate in bill sessions.  Kentucky Youth Association is a three day event where students learn about how our government works using true hands on experiences which includes a day at the Capitol debating their bills.

University Heights middle school KYA did an outstanding job at this conference where they had two bills that passed both the House and the Senate and were written into 2016 KYA law.  Out of twenty-four bills in their division, only eight passed into law during this conference.  The Blazers proposed two of those eight passed bills.   Bill #23 proposed requiring medical training for all public school teachers and was written and delivered by Beth Peebles, Maggie Unfried, Palak Patel, and Averie Turner.  Bill #22 was one of only two bills out of the Bluegrass Red Division receiving a nomination for being an outstanding bill.   This nomination granted them access to debate in the Capitol Chambers.  Bill #22 was written and delivered by Jiles Wyatt, Ethan Alexander, Mitali Patel, and Sara Whitman and proposed requiring a mandatory drug test before receiving and/ or renewing a driver’s license. The entire UHA delegation received a certificate of excellence.  Riley Simmons also received an award for being an outstanding delegate at the conference.  All bills that were passed will be mailed to our current senators for consideration to use as bills in the future.  KYA enables students to gain a voice on sensitive and very real problems in our state and encourages them to use their voice to make changes in our great Commonwealth of Kentucky.


Front Row (Left to Right):  Brianne Lacefield, Lauren Sisk, Sloan Hampton, Rheagan Lindsey, Haiden Hauret, Emma Perry, Palak Patel, Mitali Patel, Sara Whitman

Back Row (Left to Right):  Jiles Wyatt, Shahyan Khan, Sophie Maddux, Averie Turner, Beth Pebbles, Piper Hancock, Alison Bullen, Riley Simmons, Ethan Alexander