While most students across our area took a day off, students of University Heights Academy participated in a living civics lesson on Tuesday, November 8th. Preschool through high school students voted in a mock presidential election. Earlier this quarter, students had an opportunity to register to vote, were assigned to precincts within the school, and prepared to show photo ID to confirm their registrations.

The Middle School Student Council representatives manned the precinct used by the Lower School, and the Upper School Student Council was responsible for the remainder of the precincts. Polls were busy throughout most of the morning in the Lower School precinct, according to Middle School Council workers. Other precincts saw a flurry of voting before school and during break.

When polls closed after the end of lunches, the AP Government class was responsible for tabulating the votes.  Results were announced to the student body at the end of the school day.

WHOP has an interview & story on their website about our election.