UHA’s upper school academic team won second place in the district Governor’s Cup Academic Competition!  Here are the results:

Quick recall:                      2nd place

Written Competition:     3rd—Brynn Greene and RaAnna Tucker tied

ath:                                     4th—Hemangi Patel

5th—Chris Pape

Science:                              3rd—Sangeet Sheth

Social Studies:                  1st—Garrett Gee

2nd—RaAnna Tucker

5th—Cheydan Crump

Language Arts:                 2nd—Sangeet Sheth

3rd—Deeya Patel

Arts & Humanities:       1st—Christian Barefield

2nd—Garrett Gee

5th—Kelsee Freeman

  The upper school academic team is sponsored by Brett Pritchett!