University Heights Academy Kindergarten had a great day at Hopkinsville Fire Station #1.  October 3rd was the first field trip of the year for the 21 students led by teachers Mrs. Betty Holmes and Mrs. Vanessa Hancock.

The Kindergartners learned about fire-safety, toured the fire station, and discovered the different equipment.   They even got to watch a fire-fighter suit-up!  The biggest lesson was never be afraid of the fire fighter in uniform, but always scream, “I am right here!” That way, the fire-fighter can help you be safe.

On this special day, some of the kindergarteners even got to watch a fireman climbing the really tall ladder on the truck!  Wow a treat!  As reminders of the day, each student received a fire fighter hat and fire safety coloring book.  Thank you Chief Freddie Montgomery and all of the fire-fighters for taking the time to visit with the UHA Kindergarten class.