UHA students in Ms. Sherry McGowan’s, Ms. Lisa Allen’s, and Ms. Tracey Williams 4th and 5th grade classes show off their entries in the Junior American Citizens Art and Creative Expression “Invest in America’s Future” Contests.  JAC is sponsored by the Colonel John Green Chapter NSDAR.

Sarah Covington—4th Grade—1st Place Stamp

Maggie Unfried—4th Grade—3rd Place Stamp

Karlee West—4th Grade—1st Place Poem

Carly Craft—4th Grade—1st Place Poster

Alison Bullen—4th Grade—2nd Place Poster

Maggie Chewning—4th Grade—3rd Place Poster

Zohaib Iqbal—4th Grade—1st Place Short Story

Alison Bullen—4th Grade—2nd Place Short Story

Ashlyn Parker—5th Grade—1st Place Stamp

Lainey Burman—5th Grade—2nd Place Stamp

Brady Bilyeu—5th Grade—3rd Place Stamp

Roma Desai—5th Grade—1st Place Short Story

Avery Daniel—5th Grade—2nd Place Short Story

Kevli Sheth—5th Grade—1st Place Poem

Roma Desai—5th Grade—2nd Place Poem

Grayson Eller—5th Grade—3rd Place Poem