The Duke Talent Identification Program (Duke TIP) is a gifted education program based at Duke University. Its purpose is to identify gifted children and provide them and their parents the resources for them.  Students scoring in the 95% on a standardized test either in an individual subject area or composite score are eligible.  The following students have been selected:

Emerson Barlow
Brady Bilyeu
Lainey Burman
Ian Calvert
Jackson Cotthoff
Roma Desai
Sabrina Hall
Noah Helphenstine
Lily Hendricks
Alex Juckett
Marissa Kopacz
Cutter Madison
Drew McGowan
Jakob Moore
Allyson Morgan
Zachary Naylor
Victoria Pratt
Chase Reed
Mason Rye
Lauren Shaner
Kevli Sheth
Lilly Strader
Hunter Traughber